Solo Dog Walker in New Edinburgh

As any New Edinburgh dog owner will tell you, walking and exercising your dog is one of the most important responsibilities there is. Dogs, unlike humans, need enough exercise each day to ensure that their physical and emotional well-being is maintained. Unfortunately, despite even the best intentions of the most conscientious dog owners, it is not always possible to find the time to provide your dog with the daily exercise. Thankfully, help is at hand.

With years of experience in the solo dog walking business, there is very little that Petminders doesn’t know about this important task. We have clients in the New Edinburgh area and we are immensely proud of the positive feedback we have received as a reputable dog walking company. So whether you are facing a busy month at work, feeling under the weather or simply no longer in a position to walk your dog every day, then call us. We will ensure that your dog will receive the most advanced and reliable walking experience that will not be rivalled. Call today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our competitive prices.

Advantages of Solo Dog Walking

Like humans, no two dogs are the same. Some will be more suited to group dog walking sessions, while others will do better in a solo environment. At Petminders, we embrace the individuality of the dog who thrives with on leash walks. We work one on one and that is why our dog walking service is such a hit in New Edinburgh. When it comes to our dog walking sessions, we tend to find that dogs who are outgoing, sociable and usually not too young or too old are best suited to this form of exercise. The advantages of dog walking are that your dog will get the chance to interact with other dogs as well as have ample exploration time.

Benefits of Solo Dog Walking

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit that your dog will receive from a solo dog walking experience is the specialized one-on-one attention that will ensure he or she is the sole focus of the activity. This focused approach allows Petminders to tailor the walking route’s distance and difficulty depending on the specific exercise that your dog requires. So, if you have a rambunctious young puppy then they may opt for a game of go fetch in a fenced in dog park. While if your dog is older and calmer, then a steady pace around the block might just be enough.