Cat visits:

  • 22.00 dollars for a half hour visit
  • 25.00 dollars for a 45 minute visit. (max of 3)

Dog walking services:

  • 23.00 for 30 minutes
  • 25.00 for 45 minutes

Trip's to the groomer and/or Vet :

Groomer's drop off and pick up; 20.00 dollars each way (depending how far away the groomer is)

Vet clinic drop off and pick up each way; 15.00 (depending how far away the clinic is)

Vet appointment assistance: 25.00 dollars per hour.

Payable by cheque, cash or e-transfer

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Service Areas for Petminders
Manor Park, Vanier, Overbrook, Lower Town, Center Town, Parkdale area, Alta Vista, Billings Bridge, The Glebe.