Petminders's Pet Sitting

Here at Petminders we can look after both cats and dogs in your home. If you need care for both we can accommodate you. Usually offered as overnight care, we offer this as a service by special request. Feeding, medical care, walks and playtime make for one big happy family with a experienced pet sitter! During your time away your normal pet's routine will be followed as per your instructions with the option of daily texts or email updates.

Everyone needs a hand now and then! With Petminders at your service, we play with and care for your pet. This is what we do and are happy to do it! So, if you are unable to get home from work at lunch to walk your dog, or are planning a trip for a week or two, then why not call us today to set up a free consultation.

Vet/Grooming Appointments

If you are in need of assistance to help your pet get to the groomer's or vet's, we can offer animal transportation. Pick up and drop off service is available. If there are special instructions from the vet in regards to pet care at home we can assist owners in the proper administration of medicine, daily updates and progress reports which will be given by text, e-mail or notes. If you need someone to accompany you to the vet this can also be arranged for seniors or disabled persons.

Extra Services We Offer

  • Animal transportation
  • Overnight house or pet sitting by request
  • Home security checks
  • Bringing in the mail, watering plants, taking out the garbage
  • Administering oral medications/insulin injections

Reliable Pet Sitting Services

Being a responsible pet owner requires more than ensuring that your pet is walked and fed each day. It also involves making good decisions that will benefit them. So, if you are someone who works 16 hours a day or frequently travel for work, then you need to ensure that your pet is being cared for. That's where Petminders's pet sitting services come in. Choose from a range of pet sitting services that will ensure your pet gets everything they need from you, while you're not around. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Feeding
  • Going on walks
  • Playing
  • Administering medicine; oral or insulin injections
  • Changing the litter box
  • Pet food recommendations
  • Crate training tips
  • Litter box issues

Dog Sitting is a Great Alternative to the Kennel

It's always hard for dogs to say goodbye to their owner. And for many, the transition is made worse when they're left in the kennel—an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar dogs.

Dog sitting allows your canine companion to be comfortable in their own environment while getting all the walks, play time, and the food they need. Happiness, health and overall well-being is our priority! Subject to availability and by special request only.

Cat Sitting Services

We like to think that our visits are one of the high points in your cat's day and given the smile on their faces when we arrive it is easy to see why this is the case. As standard, our pet care service includes providing fresh cat food to your feline friend as well as plenty of water.

On top of that, Petminders always devotes fifteen minutes to playing with your cat and giving him or her the attention they deserve. We also take care of practical chores like bringing in your mail and scooping litter. Finally, we provide a daily report of our visit and send it to you via email with some photos also included.

Book an Experienced Pet Sitter for all Your Pets

While dogs and cats are the most common pets cared for, Petminders also cares for animals such as snakes, chinchillas and parrots. Book us for scheduled home visits while you're at work during the day or for a set length of time while you're on vacation. We offer free consultations and references.

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