Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting

Services for the purrrrfect feline; Do you have a special kitty who adores affection, treats and pampering? We can come once or twice a day for morning and supper time visits to keep your cat happy and satisfied; services include feeding, playtime and brushing, washing kitty's dishes, stimulation and TLC, cleaning the litter and sweeping up any messes. If you have a cat in need of medical attention we also provide pill administering and insulin injections.

Litter Box Consultations

Do you have a multiple cat house hold of two or three cats? Perhaps there are some issues that may need addressing such as improper elimination outside the box, or territory issues. Petminders can offer suggestions on litter type or placements, food selections, enzymatic cleaners or cat behavioral specialists for difficult situations.

Toy Recommendations

Cats love to prey as part of their natural instinct to hunt. Some toys more than others do a great job of appealing to the senses of the feline experience.Here what toys are the best in today's market to help satisfy your cat's insatiable desire to prey, play and add stimulation to their environment.

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