Dog Walking

Dog walking services consist of daily walks from Monday to Friday while you are at work. Generally on leash walks for Fido are given around the Neighbourhood Park or block for plenty of fresh air and sniffs as well as potential furry friends that might be met along the way. Then it’s back home where Fido will be settled in with a treat and his favorite toy until family returns home for the evening. Dogs love their midday walks as it is a chance to break up the day and relieve them from boredom. Daily notes, texts and/or emails are given to the family on how Fido did on his walk to ensure he is happy and healthy!

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Here at Petminders we can look after both cats and dogs in your home. If you need care for both we can accommodate you. Usually offered as overnight care, we offer this as a service by special request. Feeding, medical care, walks and playtime make for one big happy family with a trained professional! During your time away your normal pet's routine will be followed as per your instructions with daily progress reports.

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Cat Sitting

Services for the purrrrfect feline; Do you have a special kitty who adores affection, treats and pampering? We can come once or twice a day for morning and supper time visits to keep your cat happy and satisfied; services include feeding, playtime and brushing, washing kitty's dishes, stimulation and TLC, cleaning the litter and sweeping up any messes. If you have a cat in need of medical attention we also provide pill administering and insulin injections.

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Personal Assistant Services

Petminders also offers friendly assistant services for busy professionals to help them balance their work/personal lives. If you are in need of an assistant to help with the following, we would be pleased to speak with you and set up a time to for a meet and greet to discuss your needs.

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Vet appointments/Trips to the groomers

Vet appointments which require an animal to be transported to a clinic and accompanied during the examination or admission is available.

The cost is 25.00 per hour.

Drop off and pick up service for the groomers is available by request and subject to availability.

The cost is 15.00 dollars for pick up and drop off each way.

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Puppy Training

Petminders offers assistance and information on how to integrate a new puppy into your home, which includes crate training tips, how to introduce your new pet to existing pets in your home and hazards to watch for. Petminders works with you and your vet to ensure a smooth transition.

Cost is 22.00 per half hour visit.

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Obedience Training

Petminders encourages pet parents to sign up for dog training through their local pet stores or dog training academies.

Petminders will contribute to the ongoing process of training your dog with any specific instructions you would like to see us work on with your pooch, such as sit, stay, heel and leave it!

If you would like us to work on training during daily walks the fee is 25.00 per visit.

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House Sitting Services

House sitting services are offered by request and based upon availability.

Service arrival starts from supper time (4:30pm-6pm) to the following morning at 8 am daily. This includes the care of your pets; feeding, litter cleaning, short walks, medications, watering plants bringing in the mail and taking out the garbage.

The cost is 70.00 dollars per night.

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Home Security Checks

If you are going on holiday and or selling your home, security checks are available every 2nd or 3rd day. The cost is 18.00 per visit.

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Extra Services We Offer

  • Animal transportation
  • overnight house or pet sitting by request
  • home security checks
  • bringing in the mail, watering plants, taking out the garbage
  • administering oral medications/insulin injections
  • dog obedience
  • puppy training

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