Solo Dog Walking Service

At Petminders it is hard to tell if it is the dogs we care for or the dog walker who enjoy the daily exercise more. The mantra is that everything can be an adventure to explore when you have an optimistic attitude! Dog parks are one of these special places that materializes that vision of a happy and satisfied dog. For us, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing your dog having fun at the dog park with other pooches or sniffing and exploring a trail full of delightful natural sights and sounds. This is the ultimate reward for us and, thankfully, we are fortunate enough to receive this gift every single day.

Adventure Along the Way

With years of experience walking dogs, we are happy to suggest all the best routes or dog parks in your area to ensure that your canine companion receives a stimulating walk that best meets his individual needs. Petminders will always encourage happy exploration while exercising care. We always try and accommodate your routes while suggesting new and different locations to ensure that your dog doesn’t get bored.

Petminders offers solo walks Monday-Friday between 11:00 am-3:00 pm and is subject to availability.

How it works

Petminders will come to your home to take out your dog for a half hour or forty-five minute walk, weather permitting and generally in your area. We are happy to supply treats with your permission. We will generally use the leash you have, or make recommendations based on the type of dog you have.

Please be advised that walk time may be reduced or even cancelled due to inclement weather.

Please allow a 15-20 minute window of arrival too as we cannot control bad weather conditions, or traffic delays.

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Service Areas for Petminders
Manor Park, Vanier, Overbrook, Lower Town, Center Town, Parkdale area, Alta Vista, Billings Bridge, The Glebe.